Clarobi plugin for Shopware 6 installation

Follow the instructions bellow in order to install the plugin.

Step 1 - Installation

Add Clarobi plugin for Shopware 6

Plugin installation - recomanded method

Go to Shopware store and place and an order for our plugin (free).

Download zip - alternative method

Download the module by clicking here.

Go to Shopware 6 Admin → Settings → System → Plugins, click Upload plugin and choose the plugin zip folder. plugins upload

Repo installation - alternative method

Go to Clarobi pluing repository for Shopware 6.

After accessing the repo you can choose to clone the repository or download the zip package.

Clone the repository:
  • Open a terminal and go to your Shopware 6 project
  • From here go to 'plugins' folder:
    C:\path\to\shopware6\project>cd custom/plugins
  • Clone the project by running:
    C:\path\to\shopware6\project\custom\plugins>git clone place_path_here Clarobi

Download the zip package:
  • Click Clone or download → Download ZIP
  • After the download is complete, unzip the folder and rename it to Clarobi
  • Zip back the plugin folder.
  • Login into Shopware 6 Admin and go to Settings → System → Plugins, click Upload plugin and choose the plugin zip folder.

Step 2 - Configuration

In Shopware 6 Admin under Settings → System → Plugins find the Clarobi plugin. Click the toggle button next to Deactivated to change it into Activated.


After the plugin was activated, click the 3 dots on the same row as pluging's name and click Config to open plugin's configuration page.


Step 3 - Enter Credentials

Enter your Clarobi Credentials in the Clarobi module configuration form:

  • Enter your site credentials including License Key, Api Key and Api Secret.
Api License
Api Key
Api Secret
  • Make sure that All Sales Channels is selected under Sales Channel.
  • Click ‘Save’