Getting to Know Your Customers

Jun 08, 2020

It is often said, for good reasons, that most of the businesses that are opened do not survive, and not a few collapse after a little while. Many reasons can be attributed to the failure of business but some of the most important reasons have to do with the customers. Many business owners do not know their customers. Even worse still, some assume that they know their clients only for them to realize when it is too late that they do come to the ugly reality.

If you are to succeed in any type of business, one of the most cardinal points you must have at the back of your mind is that you must know your clients. This comes with a lot of advantages. Knowing your clients means you also get to comprehend their needs. You will also understand why some sales campaigns are working and why some others are constantly giving negative returns. Knowing your customer also means you get to respond better while also coming up with the perfect goods, products, and services that will give the greatest benefit to your clients.

Clarobi – Your Ideal Partner when it Comes to Knowing Your Clients

Even though the importance of knowing your customers has been outlined earlier and it sounds simple, it is not always that straightforward. Some business owners are clueless when it comes to knowing their customers.

Well, that is where Clarobi comes perfectly into the picture. With years of experience, professional crews, and sophisticated tools, Clarobi is the best partner you can have when it comes to knowing your customers and making the best of such information.

With Clarobi, there is automatic segmentation of all the customers on your platform and this is done based on the activities of the customers in your space. As a result, by the time the segmentation is complete, you are going to have seven big groups. These include the newbies who just joined your platform and then those who are considered the VIP customers. The latter are those who are typically the biggest spenders in your store.

The other segments of customers include those classified as the ghosts. The ghost customers are those who have taken time to sign up but have not done any transaction, they have not patronized you or bought any of your products or goods. Then some are called the one-time buyers and as the name implies, are those who have made just one purchase. Then there are the regular customers who have made several purchases on your platform.

Clarobi and Customer Risk Identification

Our system does not just assist you with the segmentation of customers, it also helps to know the customers who have remained dormant in the past six months.

You stand the risk of losing these customers without taking the necessary steps. The same thing applies to inactive customers – those who have remained dormant in the past three months.